August 20, 2002
“OUTTA-SITES SHIFTS FOCUS…Name Change Reflects Expanded Services”
Outta-Sites, Inc. has enjoyed great success as designers of top-notch websites. Since breaking ground in 1997, advertising and marketing services were always available to their clients, but they are a company of visionaries. As visionaries they looked to the future and changed with the times to stay one step ahead of the competition and offer their clients a complete array of services, thus enhancing their creative business solutions. The growth in these areas had become so expansive, it became necessary for the company to reflect those changes with a new company name. As a result they are now known as Outta-Sites Advertising Agency.

Individuals that come from many walks of life and different areas of interest have gelled into a team that works together like a well-oiled machine. Talented professionals support company President and CEO, Bernard Furshpan. He has stated, “Our long-term goals are to provide creative business solutions, supported by consistent high quality standards and strategies. We have a coalition of graphic artists, web architects, and programmers, copywriters and media experts, bringing a fresh and ambitious attitude to our full-service advertising agency. Outta-Sites’ long history working with interactive media gives our company a unique perspective, which is the basic tool of our trade. The diverse backgrounds we have, in conjunction with our business strategies of practicing both traditional methods and cutting-edge technology, have appealed to other business professionals who have given us their vote of confidence in retaining us for all of their advertising and marketing needs.”

Outta-Sites serves a varied client base with companies that deal with everything from electronic equipment to eyeshadow. They have received high honors from leading web development authorities. Outta-Sites has had many nominations and first and second place awards from the prestigious BOLI (Best On Long Island) competitions. In addition, Outta-Sites has received such awards as the LISA (Long Island Software Award), Critical Mass award, SC Portal-Best of the Web Award, as well as several of their sites being spotlighted on the Cool Web Design website.

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