October 1, 2002
“IMSORRY.com Making Changes For The Better”
There is a time and a place for everything, and there’s a website known as the “Original Place to Say I’m Sorry” that says the time is now to make the world a better place,
one IMSORRY at a time. IMSORRY.com has announced the launching of their redesigned website.

Outta-Sites Advertising Agency was hired to give a fresh new look to their old website. A new logo was central to defining the company’s corporate identity. One was developed that incorporated an olive branch design, representing the charitable work that they do. Outta-Sites was also responsible for new content development, and collateral materials incorporating the new logo design.

The founders of IMSORRY.com believe that apologies lead to forgiveness, and forgiveness leads to a more peaceful world. They are devoted to making the world a better place with their website serving as a unique vehicle for giving and receiving apologies, and creating revenue to feed the hungry children in our world. Their mission to feed the hungry children of the world is being accomplished by selling IMSORRY Certificates. The cost to send an IMSORRY Certificate is fifteen dollars. Five dollars out of every fifteen spent on an IMSORRY Certificate is donated to organizations such as CARE, Food For the Hungry, and UNICEF, which supply nutritional supplements to children in the United States and abroad.

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