November 12, 2002
“ Upgrades Client Services”
Outta-Sites Advertising Agency proudly announces a value-added feature to the company website. Staying true to the company tradition to always put the client first, has created the “Client Status Report”. Clients are now able to login from the home page using their password, and receive information pertaining to the progress being made in specific phases of production. The concept of the Client Status Report was a business solution that Outta-Sites developed as a response to multiple client requests for status information.

Rita Choy, Project Manager for Outta-Sites states:” Outta-Sites is always looking for ways to improve our client relations and offer superior customer service. We have implemented a system that has improved our method of doing business. We are performing more efficiently now that others and myself spend much less time making phone calls and e-mail exchanges to deliver client update reports. We understand that it is normal for most clients to feel a measure of anxiety while they anticipate the project completion, but now we have found a way to effectively alleviate those anxious feelings. Every department has had a hand in designing the Client Status Report, from the idea conception, to the look and design of it, and then programming and fine-tuning this website attribute.”

The Client Status Report has already received high praise, and since it is an evolving project there are plans to improve it even more. At the present time all clients can obtain project status information on a regular basis, and in the future they will be able to input information as well as receive it. All parties involved have been pleased by the effectiveness of the latest creative business solution from Outta-Sites Advertising Agency.

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