December 9, 2002
“Table Top Enterprises Launches New Website”
“Founder/Co-Owner Ray Petrocelli Shares His Secrets About the Path to Financial Freedom”
A great opportunity awaits the Internet surfers who are searching for legitimate and lucrative home-based work ventures. Table Top Enterprises is an industry leader and has taken the guesswork out of what works to create additional income and become self-employed. Outta-Sites Advertising Agency, working closely with company founder and co-owner Ray Petrocelli developed an attractive presence on the Internet for Table Top Enterprises. Ray is a self-made man who has practiced what he preaches so he knows that it works. He is sharing the secrets of his success, so that others may generate income at their own pace and join the “Table Top Family”.

The website showcases this industry leader in successful placemat advertising distributorships, nationwide. In addition to a complete and simple description of the business, the website includes a page with the “tools for success”-in the form of comprehensive marketing kits available for purchase directly from the site. To visit the website, the Internet address is

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